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Great time at Blackpool!

Well…….what can i say!

Had a great time in Blackpool šŸ˜€

On Day 1 we got to Blackpool and had dinner at Harry Ramdsens and went on a stroll along the sea front šŸ˜€

Day 2 Me, Grandma and Pop went to the town centre of Blackpool and went to the Tower Ballroom while Shane, Faye and Amber went to see Faye’s Auntie Julie…..lovely ballroom…….lush wurlitzer!

Day 3 Me and Pop went back to the Tower Ballroom because we cant stay away from it for more than 3 days unless completely necessarily!

Day 4 Me and Pop went to an Organ Concert in the Blackpool Winter Gardens where we saw Jean Martyn from Britains Got Talent Perform and then in the evening Me, Pop, Grandma, Shane, Faye and Amber went to see Cannon and ball (AKA Bobby Ball and Tommy Cannon!)!

Day 5……not much….just a 7 hour journey home!

and Tomorrow im gonna spend a night at Shane’s where he is gonna have a look at my Laptop and see if he can fix it!



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