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YUCK! Was ill yesterday!

dont you just hate having a headache in the morning then taking some tablets and thinking its gone…then having a bad stomach ache and very severe shivering!

its not very pleasant but im all better now…..and still able to post another post 😉

BBQ Today!

HAPPY B-day CASSIE Hope you have a great day! 😀

most if not all the family is gonna be here today….!


lets see if uncle scott can beat the word record and be here by 1 oclock…. just use a F15 plane going at Mach 6 from the aussies to the brits!

see ya soon scott 😉

anyway thats enough for this post……..will put pics of the day qas it progresses in another post later on tonight!

Bye! Luke 🙂


Awesome week so far!

Loving the week so far…..its been great….on saturday i got some new headphones then on sunday we went to the old windmill in New Bradwell, Milton Keynes because its only ever open like 1 time every 10 years….summink like that :L then after the windmill I went fishing with Pop then on monday I went down the city centre on my own after Grandma dropped me off at door 9! on Tuesday I didn’t do anything that day……..just played on Grandma’s Apple Mac! On Wednesday I went to Airkix……i spent about 2 hours there……my Brother Shane came in the classroom and done the training with me………i was hilarious! Then After AirKix I stayed over my brothers house for the night…….first we watched Hercules and then when his girlfriend had gone to sleep……we watched Zombieland which was quite scary but funny at the same time 🙂 then on Friday we went down my uncle Craig’s house where my brothers sister hurt her wrist but she got it checked up in the hospital and she was fine…..it was probably a bad bruise! Then today well……..i woke up just as daylight started coming through my curtains at about 5:30am with which i had a banging headache! Grandma gave me some Paracetamol which worked extremely fast and now im writing this blog! P.S. my 2 flight videos of airkix are supplied with this post! Please Check em out 😉 cheers! Luke 🙂